“Using no way as a way,

having no limitation as limitation.”

― Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

There are as many different approaches to bodywork as there are clients. That is why I'm quoting Bruce Lee above: "Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation" I use greatly varied practices and tried & true methods from across the globe, and my natural curiosity makes me continually widen and deepen my field of knowledge. My biggest influence has been the Chinese concept of Meridians, paths of energy, or Qi, moving through the body. It provides the best road map I have found towards finding the body's structural  balance. Personally studying under Dr. Guang-Cheng Sun at Bastyr University has broadened my practice to incorporate aspects of QiGong, but I also factor in many aspects from Western bodywork, especially about fascial connections, such as in the work by Thomas Myers, author of  "Anatomy Trains".

I have always wanted to understand the body's natural structure, to find the "right" lines and points to create balance. I have spent many years studying painting and life drawing, At the time I didn't realize that I would one day benefit from what I learned in the arts in my second career as a body worker. In a way you could say that my two different career paths are "feeding" each other; what I learn in massage I bring back to my art and vice versa.

I decided to become a Massage Therapist based on my own personal experience; when I couldn't stay as active as I wanted because of pain and injuries. . Over the years I have dealt with pain in neck, shoulders, lower back and knees, sciatica, strains and sprains in ankles and feet, fractures in ribs and pelvis and dislocated shoulder. Along the way to recovery I picked up knowledge from many great body workers, and I started to realize that I might be able to help others. I enrolled in the The Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts to become a Massage Therapist with focus on medical massage and graduated in 2012. I still have a strong interest in medical massage, and work regularly at a chiropractic clinic with patients who have suffered whiplash injuries or have chronic pain etc.

I was born and raised in Sweden, traveled the world, studied painting in Paris and worked as a Graphic Designer, In 2001 I moved to Seattle with my family and I love it here - people's mindset and openness reminds me of Europe in many ways. I currently run my own business, Stärka Mobile Massage, where my specialty is to bring massage to workplaces, events, residential communities and private clients, I also provide contracting services to chiropractic and other bodywork clinics.