Certified Pilates Instructor
Without a doubt one of the best massages I've ever had. Marita has strong, sure, knowing hands. They seem to gravitate to where my body needs the help without having to tell her. She is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and very professional. Marita has many "tools" in her bag, from massage to acupressure to cupping, she has an intuitive ability to give me what my body needs at that time. I think of it as "body work" not just massage, like when you bring your car in to get it tuned up. I feel taken care of after a session with her. I highly recommend Marita.
AnneMarie Snowden May 21, 2017
Marita's massage is miraculous!
Joanna Glover Lynnwood
May 21, 2017
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
I love my massage results from Marita. She has improved my mobility in places I didn't even realize were tight!
Trish Norton
May 24, 2017
Magical Marita
I went to see Marita after running a half marathon. I have a previous knee injury that has recently flared up and she was amazing. I went back 4 days later for another one and i just feel so much better. Places that were tight aren't anymore. I will continue to use her before my running events and right after as well and will keep you updated on the progress. Thanks Marita.
Valerie Evans Lynnwood, WA
May 28, 2017
The best!
Marita really knows her stuff -  feel so much better after a deep massage.
Karl Gunnarsson Woodinville, wa May 30, 2017
Martial Arts & Movement Instructor
Over the years I have experienced other forms of massage from other practitioners, and regularly have Acupuncture sessions to make sure I'm functioning at my utmost optimal health. Seeing Marita has been an awesome experience that has helped not only myself, but my wife as well. What's awesome is that you can tell the attention to detail she took to her training and practice, as she can find the spots that need work that you never even knew you needed. At other times she will work areas that are not where you think work is needed, only to find that, as you get up from the session, your area of concern is SO MUCH better. What's even better is that she always gives suggestions for what you can do at home to further improve your body's situation. You won't go wrong having someone who genuinely cares about helping - you get better!
Michael B Lynnwood, Washington Jun 08, 2017
R2i - The New Integrated
Marita is an expert in her field. She has been working with our office team and keeping them healthy for over 4 years. She has always been on time, has taken the time to work with each individual’s health items and runs her business with professionalism.
Jody Stoehr Seattle, Washington Jun 08, 2017
Dental Assistant
Marita has been phenomenal! i'm a dental assistant and have been seeing Marita with a focus on my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I was such a mess when I came to her, and through a combination of cupping and massage she has helped me regain lost mobility, improved my posture, and relieved me of the near-constant headaches and upper back pain I've been suffering from. Marita is knowledgeable, skilled, and empathetic. She really listens, and she gives her best each and every time. I highly recommend her!
Jamie B Lynnwood, Washington Jun 09, 2017
UW Student
My mom is incredibly passionate about massage and healing, and many people have described her as having "magic hands." I wouldn't disagree! Give her a try and see for yourself
Ester Ohman, Edmonds, WA
Oct 16, 2017